Things to do in Baldivis 2024

Baldivis is a rapidly growing suburb that’s become increasingly popular with families.

The Baldivis Children’s Forest provides a unique educational experience, where kids can learn about conservation and the local environment. They can also partake in planting trees and caring for the forest, making it a hands-on adventure. Families can also enjoy the forest’s walking trails, animal spotting, and picnic areas.

Shopping and dining are other attractions in Baldivis.

The Stockland Baldivis shopping center provides a range of shopping options, from fashion to home goods. The dining scene in Baldivis is also worth mentioning, featuring a plethora of cafes, eateries, and fast-food options that cater to all tastes and budgets.

Whether it’s a day of shopping or a meal out, Baldivis has plenty to offer.

Get Out & Explore Baldivis

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