Things to do in Champion Lakes 2024

If water sports and outdoor activities are your passions, Champion Lakes is a suburb you won’t want to miss. Located in the southeast of Perth, it’s home to the purpose-built Champion Lakes Regatta Centre, a popular venue for rowing, canoeing, and dragon boating. The centre’s surrounding parkland offers additional recreational activities, including jogging and cycling tracks that provide stunning lakeside views. Families often come to enjoy a picnic by the lake, and the children’s playground makes it a hit for younger visitors.

Champion Lakes also prides itself on its community spirit, with frequent events and competitions that make the suburb a hub of energy and enthusiasm. From sprint races to community fairs, the suburb is continually buzzing with activities that cater to a range of interests. Adding to its appeal are convenient local shops, schools, and amenities, making Champion Lakes a well-rounded community that balances sport, nature, and everyday living.

Get Out & Explore Champion Lakes

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