Things to do in Cockburn Central 2024

Cockburn Central serves as the urban center of the City of Cockburn, featuring a mix of residential, commercial, and recreational facilities. The area is well-known for its shopping precinct, Cockburn Gateway Shopping City, which houses a range of retail stores, dining options, and even a state-of-the-art health club. Public art installations and cultural exhibits add a layer of artistic flair to the suburb, making it a visually engaging place to explore.

Cockburn Central is also a hub for public transportation, with its train station providing easy access to Perth CBD and Mandurah. The Cockburn ARC, a multi-purpose sports and community facility, offers various recreational activities including swimming, basketball, and even an indoor climbing wall. With its modern conveniences and strategic location, Cockburn Central is an increasingly popular choice for people seeking an active, urban lifestyle without the congestion of inner-city living.

Get Out & Explore Cockburn Central

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