Things to do in Connolly 2024

Located in Perth’s northern suburbs, Connolly is best known for its outstanding golfing facilities, particularly the Joondalup Resort and Country Club. The suburb offers a laid-back lifestyle while still providing all the essential amenities and services. For those who prefer an active way of life, the club not only offers golf but also a range of other recreational facilities, including tennis courts and a fitness center.

In addition to its sporting appeal, Connolly also offers several parks and green spaces where families can spend a relaxing day out. Schools and shopping centers like Lakeside Joondalup Shopping City are within a short drive, making it a convenient and family-friendly locale. With its blend of leisure activities, natural beauty, and essential amenities, Connolly provides a high standard of living for residents who prefer a mix of action and relaxation.

Get Out & Explore Connolly

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