Things to do in Crawley 2024

Crawley is a boutique riverside suburb that perfectly captures the essence of Perth’s blend of natural beauty and urban sophistication. Located just south of the CBD, it is perhaps most famous for being home to the University of Western Australia, with its sprawling, picturesque campus. The Matilda Bay Reserve is a serene spot along the Swan River, ideal for sailing, picnicking, or simply soaking up the stunning views of the water and city skyline. It’s a suburb that’s vibrant yet relaxed, teeming with students, academics, and professionals.

Crawley’s vibrant atmosphere is enriched by a wide range of cafes and eateries, many of which offer beautiful views of the Swan River. The locality also plays host to various cultural events, exhibitions, and workshops, often facilitated by the University. With its combination of academic fervor, youthful energy, and serene riverfront settings, Crawley is a unique Perth suburb that truly offers something for everyone.

Get Out & Explore Crawley

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